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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Three Best Words That Describes Tally

             Tally Youngblood is a captivating girl with interesting personalities which, makes her a very tricky girl to describe. Besides all that I am certainly sure that the words that best describes Tally is courageous, persistent and tricky.
             We can generally describe Tally as an extremely courageous girl because she takes extreme risks most of the times. Such as at page 136 when she was leaving the city to find "The Smoke" and to bring Shay back to the city. This demonstrates that she is highly courageous because she was the first person who left the city to find "The Smoke" and she didn't even know where "Smoke" was and to do this type of action it takes a lot of guts to do it.
            Another word that describes Tally is; persistent. Tally is a truly persistent girl because she takes several actions that demonstrates her opinion in a very persistent way. Such as when she was talking to David and his mother about the cure and how she would test it on herself. She has the expression on her that she really needed to do this. That action shows high persistence because David and his mother are quite hard to make them agree with your idea nevertheless, Tally convinced them in the end of the conversation.
          The last word that describes Tally is; tricky. Tally is REALLY tricky because she managed to trick the "Special Circumstance" which is a group of specials who deals with extremely important problems. Moreover the "Special Circumstances" and extremely smart therefore it would have been hard for her to trick the "Special Circumstances".
           In conclusion courageous, persistent and tricky are the words that describes Tally as an individual.

Reflection for SLC:
What I learned
how to show my opinion
how to describe situations
how to get evidence from a book
how to argue for my point of view

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