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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Analysis of Life expectancy of Cuba, Kazakhstan and Paraguay

Analysis of Life expectancy of Cuba, Kazakhstan and Paraguay

    Cuba has a extremely high life expectancy of 81 years; woman and 76 years; men. Cuba has a high life expectancy because Cuban citizens has really cheap medication, there aren't many smokers in Cuba, there is a small crime rate, the air in Cuba is fresh/ good and finally Cuban citizens don't suffer much stress. Moreover the main reason why Cuba has a high life expectancy is because nearly everyone takes immunizations therefore people don't get infected by diseases.
   Kazakhstan has a low life expectancy: men 69 women 71.
The reasons why Kazakhstan has a low life expectancy is because of heart diseases, strokes etc. Moreover the water in Kazakhstan is really dirty so many people get diseases because of drinking dirty water. 
  Paraguay has a average life expectancy: 73; men 79; women. The reasons why Paraguayan citizens die is mainly because of heart diseases and  strokes.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Invasion Of The Beetles

Authorities with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture recently confirmed the presence of the invasive coconut rhinoceros beetle on the Joint Base Pearl Harbor -- Hickam, near Honolulu, Hawaii. On the island of Oahu, the insect eats and destroys palm trees. Big, hungry and hard to kill, the coconut rhino beetle sticks into the tops of coconut palms, eating the palms of the palm trees and drinking the sap. Then it gets of to breed.

These coconut rhino beetles are really tough, people in Hawaii used all legal pesticides that they could get but it wasn't effective. The beetles are eating all the coconut palms that we consume that after the attack of these beetles only half of the coconut palm trees in Hawaii will be left. An can you imagine Hawaii without coconut trees?

Moreover the disappearance of the coconut palm trees are not the only problem that people in Hawaii are facing. People are worried that the beetles will eat up the growing crops.

Surprisingly Guam had the same problem a couple of months ago ,nevertheless Guam managed to solve the problem naturally.

But Hawaii should have saved itself because Hawaii has some advantages  that Guam didn't such as a lot of natural beetle predators such as birds. The reason behind it is because most of Guam's avian life was wiped out by another invasive species.

Birds, rats and mongoose,  attacking the rhino beetles. Ants and other beetle species may also help by eating the rhino beetle's larvae. Unfortunately they are all effective less because those species are outnumbered.  

What is even more shocking is that people and scientist don't know the cause or where these beetles are coming from. Therefore scientist cannot intercept the beetles from reaching Hawaii.
I was shocked to hear that Hawaii will lose half of their coconut palm trees because Hawaii is partially famous for having many beautiful Coconut palm trees. As a result Hawaii will lose one of their most favored aspects as a place to visit. Therefore the tourism companies that are making profit out of these aspects of Hawaii will suffer. Also many islander that eats and uses coconuts because of cultural events will also suffer .  These reasons are mainly the reason why I was sad about the attack. Lastly I strongly hope that scientist find a way to end this mayhem.