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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Infographic Analysis(population density)

             In these countries: Cuba, Kazakhstan and Paraguay. The country with the highest population density is Cuba. Cuba is a really small country as it is a island, and it has some large cities like Havana. There will be many people living in these big cities so Cuba's population will probably be a massive amount (Cuba's population: 11.27 million people). Most of all almost all of Cuba's lands are all legitimate for people to live in because in Cuba there are not so many mountains or forests that people can't live in. Therefore the main reason why Cuba has a high population density is because it has a lot of livable lands
            Paraguay has the second largest population density; it has a population of 6.6 million it is a small population because Paraguay is a really small country. Moreover the size of the country is 400000 squared km. This proves that Paraguay is a small country. Therefore Paraguay has a medium amount of population and it is a small country I think that is why I think that Paraguay has a medium-rated population density.
            Kazakhstan has the smallest population density within the three countries; it has a population of 16 million people which is a really high population. And the size of the country is 2 million squared km. Kazakhstan surely has a really high population but it also a really huge country for its population. Therefore if you divide its population by its size to get the population density of the country it will be a small number.

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