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Monday, March 10, 2014

KWHL Chart

What I

about this problem.
(What areas of math that I know might be useful in solving this?  What connections do I see?)
What I
to know about this
(what questions do I have?)

can I find out more about this?
What resources will help answer my quesitions
What have  I

from this problem?
I know how to graph inequalities, solve inequalities and to also write an inequality by using the information that the question gives me. ( mostly everything)
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Interphone Mr. Hancock( not the best idea)

Google your question ( good idea)

ask someone older

ask your friend


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Mary babysits for $4 per hour.  She also works as a tutor for $7 per hour.  She is only allowed to work 13 hours per week.  She wants to make at least $65 each week and the amount of hours she can do each job varies from week to week, depending on demand.

interpret this using pictures:
can  for $4 per hour she also can  for $7 per hour. BUT she is only allowed to work 13 hours per week and she wants to make at least $65.
a.   Define two variables and write a system of inequalities for this situation.
y= the time that Mary works as a tutor
x=the time that Mary works as a baby sitter
4x+7y is greater or equal to 65
(sorry i don’t have the key for: greater or equal to)
b.   Graph your system of inequalities and explain what your graph shows.

c.    What is the minimum number of hours she needs to tutor in a week in order to reach her goal?  At least 5 hours.

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