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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Portuguese Reflection

1. Você considera importante responder a esse tipo de pergunta? Por quê?
Acho que foi importante para responder às perguntas: o que é a vida para você eo que você aprendeu com seus pais porque as perguntas demonstra claramente o que você aprendeu ao longo da vida e diz às pessoas o que o meu objetivo para a minha vida é. Também é importante para responder a essas perguntas, pois pode influenciar as pessoas que não têm um objetivo em lá vidas.
2. O que você achou de mais impactante na pergunta?

Eu acho que a parte que você tem que explicar por que é o mais impactante, porque se você não diz por que você acha que caminho para a pessoa que vai ser difícil para ele entender o que você pensa. 

3. Como você acha que sua resposta pode aproximar/afastar as outras pessoas de você?
O resposta pode effectar outras pessoas por que eles podem ser infuenciados de meu resposta.
4. Sua resposta contribuiu para o projeto 7 bilhões de outros? Como?
Sim meu resposta contribuiu por que eu mostrei como Coreanos pensa e aprendi do seus pais.
5. O que sua resposta tem de semelhante/diferente da pessoa que você escutou? Por que isso aconteceu?
Sim, por que ele viveu uma vida differente.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

core values

During this semester I think that I have been a good Risk taker because I have never hesitated to do something that I don't know what the consequences are.

I think I have shown most progress in being a communicator because I improved my communicating skills with my friends and teachers.

The most challenging core value is being a responsible student because I sometimes forget things.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

For Homework, write a reflection to your Pizza Comparison blog post including the following:
1. After seeing the different presentations, have you learned anything new about the pizza comparison problem.
I learned How to compare Circles with area.
2.  Do you still think your answer is right, the way you did it the first time or do you see from other peoples work how you could change your approach to the problem.
I still believe that my way was the correct way and my way of approaching the problem was the right way.
3.  What are two specific things that you noticed caused confusion for different groups or what are two specific things that people interpreted differently?
Some groups compared the pizza by circumference and some did it by area. Some also did it by just looking at the numbers.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Printing Human Organs

   According to the article " The Nest Frontier In 3D Printing: Human Organs"  Scientist and Doctors can print human organs with human tissues. This all started at 2000 when Dr. Bowen first came up with the idea of modifying a normal printer into a printer that uses human cells to print human organisms. And after 14 years of work Dr. Bowen finally invented the technology called bio-printing.
Bio-printing is a technology that is used to print real human organs, however the organs that are printed with this technology cannot be used in transplants because the organs that are bio-printed don't function. Therefore the bio-printed organs are mainly used by drug companies to experiment their drugs before being selling them and this is a good development because now we don't have to use experiment drugs on real people. Lastly Dr. Bowen is trying to make a bio-printed organ that works in human bodies, after this is done we can use this technology for transplants.
   In my opinion I think that the Bio-printing technology is a very useful technology because now we don't have to test un-tested drugs in real people and that if we learn about it more we can use it to fix cancer in the future by transplanting working organs. Moreover I strongly hope that the day that we discover how to bio- print a working organism comes soon because my mom has a knee problem and she needs a cartilage transplant. lastly, I really want the 3D printing industry to work harder and help car companies to make prototypes easier ( as my biggest interest is in cars).

SLC Reflection
I learned how to summarize long articles and  how to show my opinion. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Math Pizza Blog Post

Pizza… Which one would you order? I would order the one that tastes better
Is it a better deal to order a large pizza, even if you don’t want to eat it all?  
Compare the two pizzas below and determine which one is a better deal.  You may want to discuss what “better deal” means with your partner or group.  If you need to, you may research how to figure this out.  Show your work and write up a brief answer below, supported by the math you have done.

Large Small
12 inch pizza for $10.99 9 inch pizza for $7.99
First, explain what “better deal” means in this situation.
            The best deal when many people are making the order is the pizza with the larger amount but when only one person is going to eat you should order the smaller pizza or u are going to waste money. And of course the best deal is also the one with the equal amount but with the cheaper price.

Second, list all the things you need to know and must do in order to solve this problem.
           We should know the radius of the pizza, the price of the pizza and how many people are going to eat the pizza.

Third, Show your work for finding the “value” of each pizza. rxrxpi
6x6x3.14=113.04 and 4.5x4.5x3.14
Finally, write up your explanation of which pizza is a better deal and why.
          If many people are going to eat the pizza the larger pizza will be a perfect deal because you are getting twice as much as the smaller pizza and you are only paying 3 more dollars for it.

Extension Question:  How much should the small pizza cost if the two pizzas are supposed to be equal in value?
About $5.5

Part II.  
A large pizza has a circumference of about 66.9 inches and costs $13.85.
A small pizza has a circumference of about 50.2 inches and costs $9.50.

Compare the two pizzas to find out which one is a better deal.  Explain your answer carefully.
66.9/3.14=21.3 50.2/3.14=15.9
10.65x 10.65x3.14=356.14665 7.95x7.95x3.14=198.45585
13.85/356.14665=0.039 9.50/198.45585=0.048 so the larger pizza is one cent cheaper than the smaller price per inch sq

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Portuguese reflection

  Some days ago we did a activity in Portuguese class which was to write about your future job that a site suggested to you. The site suggested to me that I would be a really good car mechanic. I really liked the activity because it helped me learn more about my self and it challenged me to think about my life in a more critical and realistic way. The challenging part of this whole unit about jobs was when we had to debate our ideas about "what is a perfect job" it was challenging because I had to explain my opinion in a really clear way.
Thus I think that I will take the suggestion that the site gave me which is to be a really good mechanic. I will like this job because I always liked cars and I think that being a car mechanic will make my life much more interesting and dynamic.