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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Math Pizza Blog Post

Pizza… Which one would you order? I would order the one that tastes better
Is it a better deal to order a large pizza, even if you don’t want to eat it all?  
Compare the two pizzas below and determine which one is a better deal.  You may want to discuss what “better deal” means with your partner or group.  If you need to, you may research how to figure this out.  Show your work and write up a brief answer below, supported by the math you have done.

Large Small
12 inch pizza for $10.99 9 inch pizza for $7.99
First, explain what “better deal” means in this situation.
            The best deal when many people are making the order is the pizza with the larger amount but when only one person is going to eat you should order the smaller pizza or u are going to waste money. And of course the best deal is also the one with the equal amount but with the cheaper price.

Second, list all the things you need to know and must do in order to solve this problem.
           We should know the radius of the pizza, the price of the pizza and how many people are going to eat the pizza.

Third, Show your work for finding the “value” of each pizza. rxrxpi
6x6x3.14=113.04 and 4.5x4.5x3.14
Finally, write up your explanation of which pizza is a better deal and why.
          If many people are going to eat the pizza the larger pizza will be a perfect deal because you are getting twice as much as the smaller pizza and you are only paying 3 more dollars for it.

Extension Question:  How much should the small pizza cost if the two pizzas are supposed to be equal in value?
About $5.5

Part II.  
A large pizza has a circumference of about 66.9 inches and costs $13.85.
A small pizza has a circumference of about 50.2 inches and costs $9.50.

Compare the two pizzas to find out which one is a better deal.  Explain your answer carefully.
66.9/3.14=21.3 50.2/3.14=15.9
10.65x 10.65x3.14=356.14665 7.95x7.95x3.14=198.45585
13.85/356.14665=0.039 9.50/198.45585=0.048 so the larger pizza is one cent cheaper than the smaller price per inch sq

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