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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Printing Human Organs

   According to the article " The Nest Frontier In 3D Printing: Human Organs"  Scientist and Doctors can print human organs with human tissues. This all started at 2000 when Dr. Bowen first came up with the idea of modifying a normal printer into a printer that uses human cells to print human organisms. And after 14 years of work Dr. Bowen finally invented the technology called bio-printing.
Bio-printing is a technology that is used to print real human organs, however the organs that are printed with this technology cannot be used in transplants because the organs that are bio-printed don't function. Therefore the bio-printed organs are mainly used by drug companies to experiment their drugs before being selling them and this is a good development because now we don't have to use experiment drugs on real people. Lastly Dr. Bowen is trying to make a bio-printed organ that works in human bodies, after this is done we can use this technology for transplants.
   In my opinion I think that the Bio-printing technology is a very useful technology because now we don't have to test un-tested drugs in real people and that if we learn about it more we can use it to fix cancer in the future by transplanting working organs. Moreover I strongly hope that the day that we discover how to bio- print a working organism comes soon because my mom has a knee problem and she needs a cartilage transplant. lastly, I really want the 3D printing industry to work harder and help car companies to make prototypes easier ( as my biggest interest is in cars).

SLC Reflection
I learned how to summarize long articles and  how to show my opinion. 

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