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Monday, May 26, 2014

Analysis of my infographics

     For my last Infographics I needed to compare the GDP per capita of these three countries: Cuba, Norway and Australia. Norway has the highest GDP per capita the reason behind it is because Norway makes a lot of money out of oil. There really is a lot of oil in the North Sea, and Norway has pretty much control if not all of it; most of it. And there's the addition that the government refuses to use any of the money they can make on the oil. Now, they're only using what they get in interest every year, telling the Norwegian people that we're saving it for the future generations. 
       Australia had the 2nd highest but the GDP per capita was still very high compared to many other countries. The main reason is because Australia is abundant with many agricultural resources and mineral resources. However Australia has a high GDP per capita  mainly because of tourism, Australian beaches are very popular in the summer. 
       Cuba has the lowest GDP per capita among those three countries. One of the many reasons behind it is that the employment rate decreased by 33% in the last 5 years because of many economical problems they were facing. Moreover Cuba has almost nothing to make money out of therefore it will be difficult for Cuba to make money.

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