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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


        The task was actually really challenging because I am not really good in making speeches or presenting one. But I thought that there was no running away so I just made up a simple for about 3 minute long speech in the weekend and practiced it a few times in front of my computer then the next day I presented the speech. The part that I had to present the speech was really challenging but I think that the writing part wasn't that hard.

         I felt really nervous in the beginning while presenting the speech like I was REALLY nervous and I thought that I wouldn't make it and that I would fail this assignment. Even during the middle of the speech I had difficulty speaking because I was more nervous than the beginning but after I finished it I felt good about what I have done.

        Mrs. Hancock told me to work on changing my voice during the speech to be more persuasive I think that I wasn't able to do that because I was so nervous during the speech and my tongue was starting to curl up because of that.

        I think that i am good in writing a speech but I have problems while presenting it because i get too nervous during it and before it. However I don't have difficulties writing one because I just have to write down my thoughts on a sheet of paper and I don't find it too hard.


I was asked to write a persuasive speech about something using literary devices, call to action and to finish it in 5 minutes.

Before the speech I really thought that I will fail the speech because I have great fear of public speaking and when I was giving the speech I had the feeling of: "What am I doing here" because when I was up there every minute felt like an hour. But when I finished the speech Mrs. Hancock rung the bell and I felt good and proud of my speech.

I think that I grew a lot in delivering the speech because you know, the last time I didn't take any risks at all but this time I was trying to take risks every time.

I think that I should improve more of writing the speech because even if I know how to write a speech in a minute or so  I think that the quality isn't that good.

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