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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

essay Macbeth

 “There is a saying in Tibetan, 'Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength”.' Dalai Lama XIV. Shakespeare is an English playwright who lived in the Renaissance, a time of rebirth, a time that Europe was finally escaped from the dark ages. Shakespeare has written plays that belong to the genres of tragedies, historical stories and comedies. There is a play that involves a very unique tragedy. This play is Macbeth. Macbeth is the protagonist of this famous and notorious play. Moreover Macbeth is also the antagonist in this play because Macbeth is his own worst enemy. The reason behind this is that Macbeth fights his mind and desire when he is regretting all the murders of innocent people that he has caused. There are many factors to blame for the cause of Macbeth’s tragic downfall. All these factors have a great influence on changing Macbeth’s character from a very loyal and honorable person into a filthy murderer. Nevertheless many believe that the main factor to Macbeth’s tragedy is his evil ambition that makes him believe that he should follow the “three witches” prophecies and kill King Duncan. There are two main reasons that prove that Macbeth’s tragedy was caused by evil ambition; firstly, it is because of the idea that Macbeth wouldn’t have killed king Duncan if it wasn’t for Macbeth’s desire for power. The second, is the thought that if Lady Macbeth have not convinced Macbeth to believe that he had a possibility of being successful in this almost inconceivable murder because of her desire for power, no such tragedy would have occurred.

      A tragedy is “an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe” ( 2014). The main tragedy in the play  Macbeth is the murder of King Duncan. If King Duncan was not murdered by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, the rest of Shakespeare's  play would not have been remarkably tragic. The reason behind this is that murders of; Banquo, Lady Macduff and Banquo took place to hide the fact that Macbeth have murdered King Duncan or to keep Macbeth’s power safe in his throne. Overall, if King Duncan was not murdered because of Macbeth’s ambition, all of the murders that arose after his murder would not have materialized at all.
      In middle english, ambition means excessive desire for honor, power, or wealth. Macbeth was clearly ambitious in the play, he was seeking for honor and power that is why Macbeth and Lady Macbeth decided to pursue the witches’ (three weird sister) prophecies. Subsequently, Macbeth ended up murdering King Duncan(2.1.  53)  because of his ambition for power.  Furthermore, his ambition ended up in the murder of five innocent people; King Duncan, Banquo( 3.2.  100), Lady Macduff (4.2.  152) and Macduff( 3.2.  100). One murder that: should be specifically mentioned is the murder of Banquo. “ To be king, it is nothing if I am not safe as a king. I am very afraid of Banquo” ( 3.1.  89) The murder Banquo was intended to kill Macduff and Banquo but the murderers has only succeeded to kill Banquo. Before the murder of King Duncan, Macduff and Macbeth were inseparable friends, but because of Macbeth’s ambition and desire to insure his power in the throne has convinced himself to murder Macduff whom was a extremely close friend and his son Banquo. Through this, we can interpret the fact that Macbeth was blinded by his ambition to power.

        “ A tragedy is not caused by not being able to reach your goal, the tragedy lies in the type of goal that you are trying to reach in your life”, Jason Hyun. Macbeth could have been a positive story; if Lady Macbeth has not convinced Macbeth that there is a possibility that Macbeth will be successful in the murder of King Duncan. “What beast was’t, then, that made you break this enterprise to me? When you durst do it, then you were a man….” (1.7,  42) The moment that Lady Macbeth insisted Macbeth to proceed their plan, if he was a man, when Macbeth has heard the words” be a man”  the reader can clearly feel a strong sense of sudden manipulation in the inner side of Macbeth. Many men are tempted to do risky acts when a female persuades them to and the female that persuaded Macbeth was his own wife. Therefore Lady Macbeth had a stronger impact on him. Furthermore, if we take a closer look at why Lady Macbeth felt a strong need to convince Macbeth to do such a thing, we can clearly see that Lady Macbeth also had the desire for power. This quote “ They met me in the day of success… who all-hailed me ‘Thane of Cawdor,’ by which title,before all these witches referred to the coming on of the time with ‘Hail, king that shalt be’” (1. 5.  30) definetly shows Lady Macbeth’s want and need for power right now. When Lady Macbeth said “ Hail, king that shalt be” ( Hail the future king) it evidently demonstrates that Lady Macbeth wants and is believing in the three witches’ prophecies even when she knows the consequences for the murder if she fails. The reason behind this is, is that Lady Macbeth’s ambition for power is blinding her mind to think like a normal person, because a normal person nowadays won’t kill an honorable  person just for power. Moreover, Macbeth started as a very loyal warrior fighting for King Duncan, nevertheless his ambition for power has totally changed his mind and emotions towards King Duncan.

       Many think that the person that committed a certain murder or crime is the only one or thing to blame. Nevertheless, there are many evidences that proves this thought wrong. The criminal of a case isn’t always the one responsible for the crime. Many crimes are not committed by a single person and his thoughts and minds, the root of the happening of such crimes are certain incorrect ideas that the criminal believes in. That was taught by a person that believes the same incorrect philosophy, and most of the times these philosophies manipulate individuals to take flawed acts and affect their community in a negative way.

        In conclusion, the murder of King Duncan in the play Macbeth was mainly caused because Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s uncontrollable ambition and desire for power in the throne. As, clear and factual evidence strongly proves these two reasons. Firstly, If it wasn’t for Macbeth’s strong desire for power and his ambitious thoughts, Macbeth wouldn’t have believed in the three witches’ prophecies and no such murder would have materialized. Secondly, if Lady Macbeth didn’t get blinded because of her desire for power she wouldn’t have convinced Macbeth to kill King Duncan.    

overall grade:5

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