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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Summative blogpost

Iine Illuminator Jason Hyun
Title: Secrets Don't Last
 reading section: Week 1: Prologue + Chapters 1 & 2

“Don’t do the audition, Ji-li.” page 24

    When Ji-Li's father says this we can clearly see that the climax of the book is rising because after dad says this, he tells Ji-li that their family has a problem in their political background. Moreover he tries to keep that background a secret from other people. Therefore, I believe that a conflict of some sort will take place because of Ji-li's families background.

   My prediction for their families secret of their political background is that their family might be a rebel to China's communism. In other words, their family might have believed in capitalism which is a type of governing structure that believes in diversity with opportunities. What I mean by diversity with opportunities is that in a country that believes in capitalism, there might be difference in economy status but everyone will have opportunities. 

"It’s very complicated, and
you wouldn’t understand it now even if I told
you. Maybe we should wait until you’re grown
up. The point is that I don’t think you’ll be
admitted. So just drop it, all right?”page 25

 When dad said this to Ji-li I thought that the secret that their family might threaten their safety because I think that if their family's secret wasn't that big and important I believe that dad would already have told Ji-li the secret. Moreover if I connect this to my life, I can connect it to when my dad tried to keep his gigantic secret about his salary away from me.

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I chose this post as my best post because in the comment section Juho wrote a comment like this:
"Great post. You had a good picture to call attention.I agree with both lines you have chosen. But I think it might be too short. I think you could have lines about the prologue not just the lines from the chapters. But still it is a good post. For the first line I like how you put connection to the life. But still you might have probably put more information about what it could have been about. 
The second line I didn't understand very well. But you explained it very well so that I could understand. Great post. Maybe should be a little longer."
And in the ending part of the comment juho said: "The second line I didn't understand very well. But you explained it very well so that I could understand. Great post" because of this, I decided that the post was a great post that has helped other students understand the book in a better way. Furthermore, I have also felt like that I have done my best while writing this post. 


Historical content

How did historical events influence the ideas in the novel?  What cultural issues may have influenced, challenged, or inspired the author?

     The Red Scarf Girl is a memoir written by Ji-li Jiang about her experience during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The novel is immensely influenced by the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Firstly, the setting of Red scarf Girl  takes place in China when the Chinese Cultural Revolution was happening, therefore many major events that happened in the novel are somewhat related to the revolution. Secondly, as the protagonist’s(Ji Li Jiang) family was considered a “black family” in the Chinese revolution, the author might have had some complications while thinking in the protagonist’s shoes and writing the novel in the shoes of a victim in that era.

      The Chinese Cultural Revolution, better known as the Cultural Revolution, started in the was a social-political movement that took place in the People's Republic of China from 1966 until 1976.(Wikipedia) It was a motion that has started by Mao Zedong who was the chairman of the Communist party of China. Its stated goal was to preserve 'true' Communist ideology in the country by purging remnants of capitalist, and traditional elements from Chinese society, and to re-impose Maoist thought as the dominant ideology within the Party. The Revolution marked the return of Mao Zedong to a position of power after the Great Leap Forward. The movement paralyzed China politically and significantly affected the country economically and socially.

( Dumb Little Man)
     In this era, rich people or so called, “black families” which are families that were landlords before the Cultural Revolution has started. Ji li’s family was also a “black family” because, his grandfather was a landlord before the revolution has started. As a result , if Ji li’s family revealed its true identity they would suffer extreme prejudice. Therefore, when Ji li audition to become part of the dance training class (p21 paragraph 2), her father didn’t allow her to go to the audition because if she did, the history of her family would be revealed in her background check. ‘“Don’t do the audition, Ji-li.” He looked straight at me this time, and sounded much more forceful.’(p24 paragraph 4). By looking at this quote that Ji li’s father said when Ji li asked her family for the permission for her audition, we can clearly see that the family takes their secret very seriously. This influences the novel by making the novel a type of autobiography written by a fugitive.

Even after the Chinese revolution, the Chinese government is still oppressing their citizen's rights. Therefore, the citizens in China are protesting these days for their rights and for their government to speak the truth. One of the protesters said “What do they fear?” asked local resident Tina  Zhong, contacted via  China’s social media.  “If the government can share more information, the   public would be less distrusting.” From this, we can clearly see that the Chinese government still has the habit of trying to constrain their citizen's rights.

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Literary analysis

How does the protagonist change from the beginning to the end of the novel?  What does this character learn about himself (or herself) and about how the world works?

In the beginning of the book, Ji Li is an innocent child whom desires to live her life like everyone around her. Nevertheless, Ji Li's thoughts changes overtime like most protagonists in novels. There are two main reasons why Ji Li's thoughts change overtime from an innocent child to a rebel against the Chinese Communist Party. Firstly, Ji Li has figured out that her family was in risk of revealing their secret that will make them suffer severe prejudice. Secondly, towards the end of the book, the red guards figure out that her family was a black family and their family's properties were confiscated. Because of that Ji Li was automatically taught that their family's main enemy was the Chinese Communist Party itself.

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Ji Li's family's main secret is that they are a black family, a black family in the Cultural Revolution meant families that were landlords before the revolution started. Ji Li is told this secret in page 27 when dad says “This is for her own good. Her classmates and teachers will just be surprised if she says that her father won’t let her go. But what she passes the audition and can’t pass the political background investigation? Then everybody will know that the family has a political problem.”(p 27 paragraph 2) When Ji Li figures that her family has a political problem(black family) she immediately notice that her family was different from others. As a result she was extremely shocked. " Until that spring I believed that my life and my family were nearly perfect."(p30 paragraph 4) Ji Li was only 8 years old, in such a young age she was taught the ultimate secret of her family which had shocked her dreadfully. As a result Ji Li became a rebel against the Communist Party, because she knew that they were the ones that were making them keep such a secret.

Ji Li already hated the fact that she had a huge secret to keep from the public. Therefore when the Red Guard figured out their secret that they were a Black Family and confiscated their properties, in Ji Li's minds she would have automatically generated a bigger feeling against the Chinese Communist Party.

Currently, people are irrational to political issues mainly because of activism. Activism consists of efforts to promote, impede, or direct socialpoliticaleconomic, or environmental change, or stasis. Various forms of activism range from writing letters to newspapers or politicians, political campaigning, economic activism such as boycotts or preferentially patronizing businesses, rallies, street marchesstrikessit-ins, and hunger strikes. Research is beginning to explore how activist groups in the United States and Canada are using social media to facilitate civic engagement and collective action.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Science blogpost

    I believe that this quarter was very energetic and busy because of all the summative assignments that all my teachers assigned me. Science is not an exception. Science was a very hard subject to keep up with this quarter. Despite all that I believe that I have done many positive things that affected my learning in a good way. Nevertheless I strongly believe that I was capable of doing the whole lab better in science. Such as putting more time and effort to my work, giving more attention to the quality of work.

I am still proud of my graphs in this experiment: