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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Math BLog post

1)  When should you start bombarding the App Store with purchases if you want to win?

March 1st around 4pm.

2)  What assumptions have you made in your model?

divide 341,492,345 by 34,237 and you will get around 9000 minutes which is the equivalent to about 150 hours and that can be converted to 6 days and 21 hours

3)  Interpret the parameters in your linear model.  What do the units of slope represent?  What does the the y-intercept represent?

units of the x-axis as time therefore hours of days and then make the y axis show the amount of downloads. Furthermore, the graph will represent the rate of download.

4)  According to your linear model, when did the app store sell its first app?  Calculate the answer mathematically then find the actual answer.  If those answers are different, what could explain the difference?

2 years ago at Sept. 27 about 4pm. 500x34237x24x60 is about 24bi+600milli. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Analysis Expressive Human Figure

The main goal of this expressive human figure project was to incorporate techniques learned from the past human figure project and to sculpt a human figure that expresses a emotion or a happening. I personally chose to express war, and what a human being can do to another human. In other words, that dark side of a human being. I wanted to make a human figure with a side of it with no limbs or arms and another side with a wing to represent its death and grievance. The figure would be lying down in a disfigured motion to also express sadness in the project. As I have learned so many lessons from my first human figure project, it felt like that this project's process was much more easier than the first one because I actually managed to finish this project in only two lessons without any problems and I was also able to easily put my plans to action. There were not many struggles that I encountered while finishing this project but one of them was that I had to try to find the best pose to express my thoughts fully. Such as when I was first making the project, I decided to stick the wing of the figure beneath the arm of the sculpture. But, I realized that this pose would limit me from expressing death with the wing. So I sort of put the wing of the figure right on top of it's arm for it to be more visible. There are many things that I learned from this project. I learned that you can easily express a feeling with a human figure by shaping the body in a certain way. Also that even the tiniest things can make a difference in the whole concept of the project, such as the placement of certain parts of the body or the texture of certain things. The most important thing that I learned from this project is that a sculpture is able to express more than just plain words. I learned this after I finished the project. I realized that war and sadness is not the only things that were expressed in this project, I also figured that there were some other emotions that were included in this project that I was unaware of such as tiredness and stress. I think that from me being so annoyed during the times while I was making the project, I unintentionally might have done somethings in the project that I didn't really plan on doing an example of this is when I made the hands of the sculpture look like as if the person in the sculpture was trying hard to push himself to his feet even if he knew that there was no hope left. In conclusion, I am generally pleased with my results in this project because I think that I was able to fully use the techniques that I learned in the past project.

Human Figure Analysis

The criteria for this project was to get to know how to sculpt a human figure with the right proportions and the right methods. Things such as a human body should be the length of 8 heads. Or that a person's arms should come down to their thighs, also that their legs should be the length of their upper body and head combined. I think that I managed to meet these criterias, because I managed to learn about sculpting the human body. I will be honest with you, this project was not one of my best projects because I had to waste so much time gluing things back together such as the legs. I think that the problem with the legs were that where I was attaching them were too dry for the newly made legs. Therefore, when the project was in the process of being kept inside a plastic bag, the legs kept cracking up because, the clay was not completely attached because of the difference in dryness. Moreover, one other thing that I think that I did wrong was that when I first started the project, I think that I made the shoulder blades of the sculpture too big and kind of made him look like a body builder. Of course I could fix that mistake later on the project when I was making the arms of the sculpture, but I picked up a few things from that mistake. One of which is that when you are making the upper body you should plan ahead for the project as a whole because it might facilitate you when you are basing your proportions on your upper body, as it contains the head. I think that this project was a really good way to learn the basics of building a human body our of clay and to learn about the basic proportions and features of the human body. There are a lot of things that I want to change about this project if I had the chance to. Firstly, I would make the legs of the sculpture a bit thinner because I think that the calf of the sculpture is too big compared to its thighs. Secondly, I would also try to define the muscles of the body more, because I was so busy gluing parts together to the body I did not have enough time to define the details of the human body such as the pectoral muscles and the spine. Lastly, I would try to choose another pose for the sculpture because I think that I was not able to fully incorporate the Michael Jordan pose to my project. As it was such a complex and an in-movement  pose I think that I was a little too ambitious to choose this pose for my first project before I have fully mastered he techniques and the proportions of the human body. I also think that the pose was one of the major things that might be keeping this project from looking as good as the other ones. Overall, I think that this project was one of the ones that was a good learning experience but not a good looker.

Process 3 human figure

I am now done with crafting the body as a whole. But just to add some creativity into this project, I decided to shape the body as the iconic figure of Michael Jordan. The figure will have his two legs spread like he is jumping in for a dunk and his hands reaching out for the rim. The only problem that I had with shaping this figure is that the legs kept on falling apart when I tried to move them.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Process 2 Human Figure

The main part of the project that I have to work for this lesson is to shape the legs of the figure. But it didn't work out really well and I had to glue it back together about 4 times. But in the end, I managed to make the legs, as I wanted it to. I think that gluing fallen pieces of the project back together is a challenge of this project.

Process 1 human figure

I have made a brick like shape with the clay. One of the things that are different of this project than the others is that we are using white clay for this project other than tobacco. As this is my first human sculpture project, the progress that I will be making is going to be very slow. This class, I have made the head and the shoulder blades of the figure. I have also started shaping the legs.

Introduction human figure

I am starting the human figure project. And before I start this project, there is a few things that I have to note in my mind. An average human body will fit 8 heads, his arms will come until his thighs and his legs are as long as his body and head. The first steps of this project is to shape a brick like shape with clay, then to make the head and the shoulder blades and to move on from there.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

process 3 Ancient Pot

I am finished with my project and is now doing the decorations for the pot. I am confused with the lines that look like curves but I am now realizing that they are actually straight. Because of these line, I wasted a whole class just trying to figure out what they really are. But as I figured out how to do them, I am likely to finish them next class. And start glazing the creative coil project.

process 2 Ancient Pot

I am currently in the process of finishing the body of this pot. The technique that I stated that I was going to use didn't work. So I just kind of stuck to just actually shaping the pot with my hands as it is possible to shape the pot itself when the clay is not dry. But I am currently having problems with forming the sharp curve in the end of the body part of the pot.

process 1 Ancient Pot Process

I am currently trying to make the base of my project. Unlike other projects, the base of this pot has a sharp angle. So I am arranging my coils in a way that there is more space between them, therefore I would be able to get the angle that I want. Moreover, right after I make the base, I am going to have to make a big curve in the body of the pot. I am thinking of using the same technique.


I am starting my ancient pot project. I decided to replicate a korean ancient pot. The dimensions of this pot is : 25cm tall 8cm wide. And some characteristics is that the pot is has some pretty sharp curves. That would challenge me when I am using the coil technique. As in a wheel, it is way easier to handle and shape the clay in a shorter period of time not causing it to dry. And as the main criteria of this project is to make a replica, I think that I should pay extra attention to my measurements.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Ancient Pot analysis

The main criteria in this project was to make a replica of a pot made in the past. Unlike my last project in which was graded for its originality and creativity, this project is graded for use of the same skills that was used in the past while making the ancient pot. And as the main goal of my last project was to prepare myself for the Ancient pot project, I think that the creative coil project gave me a great opportunity to learn and gain experience with making pots using the coil technique. When I first started this project, I was confused with how it would be graded because I was never taught or asked to copy or make a replica of a project. But it all made sense with a couple moments of thinking, because I realized that I would have to show the actual techniques that I know of and applying them to other types of pottery instead of the ones created originally by me. The pot that I chose to make was made between 57 BC and 668 AD. It follows the original form of Korean pottery. It was originally made by a table wheel. Therefore, the techniques used in the pot might have a significant difference from the techniques that I used. Some factors of this is that the pot is very smooth and that the curves are more sharper in a way. To make my pot look like a replica of the ancient pot, I had to arrange the coils in a way that there would be a bigger gap between them, this allowed me to shape the pot with more sudden curves, when I first started using this technique, I didn't really understand why I was doing this, and I consistently asked myself doubtful questions about this technique. But, after adding a few more coils, I could clearly see that the technique was working wonderfully, I could really see that technique allowed me to make much more sudden curves in my project. The sudden and strange curves in my project was not the only challenge that I had to face to meet the criterias of this project. I also had to deal with the fact that the original ancient pot was much smoother than my pot. So I simply used the most simple technique of wetting a sponge and rubbing it around the project. The last task that I had to finish to finalize this project was to draw the decorational lines in on the pot. This task was particularly hard because as the pot was in a round shape, I couldn't really notice the difference of curved and straight lines. So it took me multiple tries to get the lines and decorations done. It turned out that all the lines were straight. They just looked curved because the pot had a round shape. The only thing that I would have done differently in this project is the lines in the decoration. I think that the lines that I drew near the base of the project are poorly done because the lines do not have an exact destination. Therefore, I wish that I would have had planned the lines more thoroughly before actually drawing them. But overall, I am pleased with my project, and I generally like the way that it is looks. But I think that I should try to manage my time in a better way because I think that this project took me a little too long to finish than expected. Maybe it was because I had to frequently adjust the measurements that were done for this project. But I think that it was mostly because I was kind of lazy during the process of decorating my project. Even though the lines were confusing to verify, I think that it should have taken me no more than 1 class to finish because it really wasn't that much work.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

core value blog post

I think that I am a pretty good risk taker because of many reasons. Firstly, I do not hesitate to take risks or to try new things. Secondly, I actually am not to explore things that I do not know about therefore, there is nothing that stops me from exploring things. Lastly, I let my curiosity take control of myself.

I think that I need to be more responsible for many reasons. I really have a hard time doing my part, and I sometimes think that I really am doing nothing with my life as I am not fulfilling my responsibilities.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

investigation for math

We ended up with 1.41421





7. it took about 6 iterations to get to the exact answer.

You change the equation to 12(x+3x) in order to get 3and for other numbers, you can change the number of the fraction where the denominator is x. So for 7, it would be 7 over x with the same equation. So exactly you would only be changing the number of the numerator in the second fraction to the whatever number inside the square root you are trying to find.

Now when you input root K into the equation, it will be k=12(k+kk) and when you get rid of the root in the denominator, it will be 12(k+kkk), then when you simplify it, it will be, 12(k+k), which will be 12(2k)meaning k=k which shows that it has to be exact because they are equal values that are input.

Friday, September 4, 2015


The main expectations or grading criterias on the creative coil project was to incorporate my own ideas and creativity to make a original piece of art using clay containing movement and creativity. Most importantly I was supposed to learn new techniques with working with clay, therefore this project could be seen as a introduction to Ceramics & Sculpture 1 itself, to get me ready for upcoming projects such as the ancient pot replica project. On this project our teacher Mrs. Ariani has helped me quite a bit with planning and making our plans for this project become a reality. Moreover she also let me make some adjustments to my primary measurements, this taught me how to make my measurements as correctly as possible. Hence, now I am pretty confident with my skills on calculating the correct measurements. 
Now based on my opinion, I think that I have met these criterias in a pretty complete and insightful way. Firstly, There is not a single inch in my project that does not demonstrate movement. I think that I managed to accomplish that by taking movement to one of my primary design goal since I started drawing this project on paper. Therefore, with a little help from Mrs. Ariani, I could easily accomplish this. Secondly, my project is somewhat original, as it is a pretty unique idea. The hysteria behind this is that this idea was the first thing that popped into my mind so there is no way to explain how I accomplished this. However, I think that Mrs. Ariani might not give me a full mark on this criteria because there is another project right outside our classroom that is of a snake. Lastly, I think that this project looks good overall. I know that by saying this I am being somewhat arrogant, but I am truly saying this with wholehearted honesty. There were many challenges in the process of making this project. One of the main ones was that I misinterpreted my drawing while making the base of the snake, I simply solved this by making another one. Another one was that while making the head of the snake, half of the head fell off because I didn't blend it strong enough, therefore I had to remake that part of the head and had to glue it back together as the piece has been completely broken. The major challenge that I had to deal with was that I had to make a major adjustment to the snake's height, because I realized that the snake looked very disproportionate with the height of 29 cm, so I had to add 6 more coils to the body to make the snake look better. Also, the last part of the project which was drawing in the scales of the snake was also one of the hardest and most time consuming task because I had to draw in every single scale with a needle point. I tried to get over this problem by using a scratcher to draw it, but the scales were hard to see. That's why I had to do it with a needle taking 2 full classes to finish. By this I learned that  sometimes the best way to do things while working with clay aren't always the easiest ways. I am pretty pleased with my project I like the way it looks and I am pleased with the way I incorporated many creative ideas on it. So with all honesty I truly wouldn't change a single thing on my project. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015


The last steps in this project includes making the body and tail of the fish and making its tail. And maybe adding some texture to the snake's body. I am planning on doing the fish in a straight shape with a round body. And for its tail I will just add some more wider coils to the body of the fish then I will cut it in a "V" shape. Finally for the texture, I will get a needle point and I will draw in some snake scales.

Here is my finished product:

Procedure 2

I am currently done with the base and the bottom part of my snake and I am moving up to its neck. The neck will be about 8 cm wide and it will be slightly slanted. The making of the thickness of the coils will be the same as snake's body. I am going to join 2 coils to give it a more realistic look of a snake. Then after I am done with the neck I will have to do the head of it. I am planning of opening the coils little by little until I reach the width of 11 cm. And for the mouth I want to I am going to take Mrs. Ariani's suggestion and make 2 round half spheres on each side then to blend them separately to make it look like a mouth.

Monday, August 17, 2015


The procedure of this project is pretty straight forward and simple. My plan is to firstly make a base for my snake and use the coils to build my way up. The base of the snake would have to be 18 cm. To make perfectly identical coils, I would have to use a machine called the extruder, it works by inserting clay into the opening of it, then if you squish the clay out of it, perfectly equal sized coils would come out in the bottom. There are many things that I have to be careful with during this part of the project. One of the main things is to stick with my drawing and to avoid inaccurate measurements

I decided that I would be welding the coils by two at a time to make the thickness of the snake noticeable.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


I decided to make a sculpture of a snake swallowing a fish. I chose to engage such a unique idea is because I wanted to be as creative as possible. And I believe that a snake swallowing a fish is very unique. I am going to also design the lower body of the snake more thoroughly to express more movement in the project.

My biggest worry about this project is that I do not know how to make the mouth of the snake or how to make the tail of the fish. Therefore, I should better get to work.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Portuguese Reflection

Como este é o meu primeiro ano escolar no colégio eu tenho um monte de coisas que eu estou pensando sobre melhorar em português. Em primeiro lugar eu realmente quero melhorar minha gramática e ter certeza que eu não vou cometer erros gramaticais estúpidas enquanto eu estou falando. Em segundo lugar eu quero aprender como interpretar um texto em diferentes tipos de formas.  Por ultimo eu atualmente estou pensando em melhorar minhas habilidades de escrita, aprendendo a usar uma forma muito descritivo da escrita.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

teen reflection

A major thing about growing up as a teen is getting used to your rapidly changing body. I am not currently having any trouble with my body image but many teems find it hard to be satisfied with their bodies for many reasons such as: the media always encourages you to get skinnier, for boys, the media encourages them to get stronger muscles. My advice to them is to stop worrying about what you don't have and think about what you have. And most of all don't take extreme measures to get the body you want (no pills ok?).

Sunday, May 31, 2015

health homework eating disorder

1) What physical signs of an eating disorder is Min Jung developing?
she seems to have gained weight and sometimes she seems to have lost weight.  Sometimes she eats with her friends at lunch, but right after lunch, her friends noticed that she goes to spend time on her own. 
2) What emotional/mental/behavioral signs of an eating disorder is Min Jung developing?
She is very depressed because of the family issues she is dealing with and she is thinking that she is fatter than she really is. Moreover, She is vomiting very often.
3) What eating disorder do you think she has?
I think that she has Bulimia
4) What other signs of the eating disorder (not mentioned in the story) could you look out for?
She might be hiding food in her room as she has Bulimia.
5) Now you finish the story! Write a 2-4 sentence ending about how Min Jung can get help for her current situation.
After a few days, Min Jung's mother found some constipation pills in her bag, therefore, she has decided to hide them from Min Jung. After that Min Jung stopped going to the bathroom that often and she has become normal again.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Reflection Orchestra

In the video in this link, it shows a clear demonstration of how a normal class of orchestra goes by, we sometimes practice in chamber groups which are small groups that perform together, or we practice as a whole. I play the piano, one of the main things that I learned by joining the orchestra is sight reading. During this quarter I think that I was extremely responsible during orchestra because I was never late to class nor did I never not turn in anything that I had to do.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

Argumentative Essay reflection

Word Choice
Sentence Fluency

The challenge in this essay was that as this topic of the existence of Israel is very profound and delicate, it was extremely hard to fully understand the topic and judge it. Moreover, we only had 2 weeks to write this essay. Therefore, we didn't have enough time to justly give an opinion in this topic.

I had many accomplishments during the process of writing this essay. But the one that I truly want to acknowledge the most is that I finally got the hang of how to write a good counterclaim paragraph. All of my essays that I have written in the past, was noticeably one sided. Nevertheless in this essay I think I managed to describe the topic as a whole.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

roller coaster fair reflection

Using the language from the rubric for the Learning habit "Inclusive", explain (with examples) why you gave yourself that score. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Renaissance Fair Reflection

  1. What food did you make?  What did you learn by making this? (about Renaissance food, or anything else)  What happened with your food at the Fair?  Did people eat it?

By making my food from the Renaissance period I learned many things about what people ate in that era. The food that I have made was Pork Doucette, it is a type of pie with pork, onions and eggs inside it. The pie didn't look good from the outside however, it tasted fantastic because of it's unique mixture of ingredients. By this experience I learned that food in the renaissance was not a luxury to make your mouth happy but a necessity to survive, not like food in this century right now.

2. What was your costume?  What role did you play in making/acquiring the costume?    What did you learn about what people wear during the Renaissance?

I made my costume to look like what peasants wore in the Renaissance. I made it by hand with my mother. It took nearly 3 hours to make it because my mother and I needed to sew all the different types of cloths together. By making my own Renaissance costume I learned that clothes in that era were not for looks and were for practicality.

3.What was your group or solo “artifact” for the Fair?  Please detail your role in preparing this for the Fair… what specifically did YOU do (not just your group).  How well did your group work together?  How does this performance/activity reflect what you learned about the Renaissance?  In other words, explain the connection between what you created, and some aspects of the Renaissance.  

In our group, we decided to play some Renaissance music for the audience. Therefore I went to Mr. Faria to help me arrange the music "Green Sleeves" after I arranged the music for the saxophone, piano and violin, Thiago and I arranged a practice time in Thiago's house with our group. My group and I practiced extra hard because the saxophone and the violin didn't combine together that well.

Moreover I have also created a sculpture of virgin Mary to represent the connection of religion and art in the Renaissance. I made the actual mold for my statue with sand with some help of my mother's friend who is a sculptor. Then I poured plaster into the mold. Then I pressurized the mold with the plaster inside it. After all that process was done I painted my statue with bronze paint for it to look better.

4. What aspect of the whole Fair made you the most proud to be an 8th grader?  In other words, what specific things do you think went really well?  Why do you think those things went well?  

I think that our fair went excellently well because everything went as planned except for the rain. Moreover I felt good to be an 8th grader because I had the opportunity to share what I have learned with the whole middle school. I also think that the MC's were really good and determined because they have spoken really well during the fair.

       5. What are some specific suggestions to do differently next year?  Why do you think those things will improve the experience?  

I think that we should make the 6th and 7th graders pay more attention to the stage because by doing that they will have the opportunity to learn something new during the fair. Moreover it would show more respect to the ones playing in the stage.

      6. Pick three words that come to mind to describe your whole experience with the Renaissance Fair… the words do not need to be connected in a ny phrase, just three words that you would use to describe what you thought about your experience.  

Enjoyable, Frustrating and interesting

7. Give yourself an overall score for the Renaissance Fair from 1 - 7 and discuss why you gave yourself that mark.

I really think that I deserve a 7 in this project because I did 150% of the work because I did 50% of the work required in my group and another 100% while I was making the statue. Moreover it also took me days to plan on making the statue and about a week to make the actual statue. And I was the one who arranged my group the music that they wanted to play.