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Monday, February 2, 2015

Renaissance Fair Reflection

  1. What food did you make?  What did you learn by making this? (about Renaissance food, or anything else)  What happened with your food at the Fair?  Did people eat it?

By making my food from the Renaissance period I learned many things about what people ate in that era. The food that I have made was Pork Doucette, it is a type of pie with pork, onions and eggs inside it. The pie didn't look good from the outside however, it tasted fantastic because of it's unique mixture of ingredients. By this experience I learned that food in the renaissance was not a luxury to make your mouth happy but a necessity to survive, not like food in this century right now.

2. What was your costume?  What role did you play in making/acquiring the costume?    What did you learn about what people wear during the Renaissance?

I made my costume to look like what peasants wore in the Renaissance. I made it by hand with my mother. It took nearly 3 hours to make it because my mother and I needed to sew all the different types of cloths together. By making my own Renaissance costume I learned that clothes in that era were not for looks and were for practicality.

3.What was your group or solo “artifact” for the Fair?  Please detail your role in preparing this for the Fair… what specifically did YOU do (not just your group).  How well did your group work together?  How does this performance/activity reflect what you learned about the Renaissance?  In other words, explain the connection between what you created, and some aspects of the Renaissance.  

In our group, we decided to play some Renaissance music for the audience. Therefore I went to Mr. Faria to help me arrange the music "Green Sleeves" after I arranged the music for the saxophone, piano and violin, Thiago and I arranged a practice time in Thiago's house with our group. My group and I practiced extra hard because the saxophone and the violin didn't combine together that well.

Moreover I have also created a sculpture of virgin Mary to represent the connection of religion and art in the Renaissance. I made the actual mold for my statue with sand with some help of my mother's friend who is a sculptor. Then I poured plaster into the mold. Then I pressurized the mold with the plaster inside it. After all that process was done I painted my statue with bronze paint for it to look better.

4. What aspect of the whole Fair made you the most proud to be an 8th grader?  In other words, what specific things do you think went really well?  Why do you think those things went well?  

I think that our fair went excellently well because everything went as planned except for the rain. Moreover I felt good to be an 8th grader because I had the opportunity to share what I have learned with the whole middle school. I also think that the MC's were really good and determined because they have spoken really well during the fair.

       5. What are some specific suggestions to do differently next year?  Why do you think those things will improve the experience?  

I think that we should make the 6th and 7th graders pay more attention to the stage because by doing that they will have the opportunity to learn something new during the fair. Moreover it would show more respect to the ones playing in the stage.

      6. Pick three words that come to mind to describe your whole experience with the Renaissance Fair… the words do not need to be connected in a ny phrase, just three words that you would use to describe what you thought about your experience.  

Enjoyable, Frustrating and interesting

7. Give yourself an overall score for the Renaissance Fair from 1 - 7 and discuss why you gave yourself that mark.

I really think that I deserve a 7 in this project because I did 150% of the work because I did 50% of the work required in my group and another 100% while I was making the statue. Moreover it also took me days to plan on making the statue and about a week to make the actual statue. And I was the one who arranged my group the music that they wanted to play.

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