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Friday, September 4, 2015


The main expectations or grading criterias on the creative coil project was to incorporate my own ideas and creativity to make a original piece of art using clay containing movement and creativity. Most importantly I was supposed to learn new techniques with working with clay, therefore this project could be seen as a introduction to Ceramics & Sculpture 1 itself, to get me ready for upcoming projects such as the ancient pot replica project. On this project our teacher Mrs. Ariani has helped me quite a bit with planning and making our plans for this project become a reality. Moreover she also let me make some adjustments to my primary measurements, this taught me how to make my measurements as correctly as possible. Hence, now I am pretty confident with my skills on calculating the correct measurements. 
Now based on my opinion, I think that I have met these criterias in a pretty complete and insightful way. Firstly, There is not a single inch in my project that does not demonstrate movement. I think that I managed to accomplish that by taking movement to one of my primary design goal since I started drawing this project on paper. Therefore, with a little help from Mrs. Ariani, I could easily accomplish this. Secondly, my project is somewhat original, as it is a pretty unique idea. The hysteria behind this is that this idea was the first thing that popped into my mind so there is no way to explain how I accomplished this. However, I think that Mrs. Ariani might not give me a full mark on this criteria because there is another project right outside our classroom that is of a snake. Lastly, I think that this project looks good overall. I know that by saying this I am being somewhat arrogant, but I am truly saying this with wholehearted honesty. There were many challenges in the process of making this project. One of the main ones was that I misinterpreted my drawing while making the base of the snake, I simply solved this by making another one. Another one was that while making the head of the snake, half of the head fell off because I didn't blend it strong enough, therefore I had to remake that part of the head and had to glue it back together as the piece has been completely broken. The major challenge that I had to deal with was that I had to make a major adjustment to the snake's height, because I realized that the snake looked very disproportionate with the height of 29 cm, so I had to add 6 more coils to the body to make the snake look better. Also, the last part of the project which was drawing in the scales of the snake was also one of the hardest and most time consuming task because I had to draw in every single scale with a needle point. I tried to get over this problem by using a scratcher to draw it, but the scales were hard to see. That's why I had to do it with a needle taking 2 full classes to finish. By this I learned that  sometimes the best way to do things while working with clay aren't always the easiest ways. I am pretty pleased with my project I like the way it looks and I am pleased with the way I incorporated many creative ideas on it. So with all honesty I truly wouldn't change a single thing on my project. 

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