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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Process 2 Human Figure

The main part of the project that I have to work for this lesson is to shape the legs of the figure. But it didn't work out really well and I had to glue it back together about 4 times. But in the end, I managed to make the legs, as I wanted it to. I think that gluing fallen pieces of the project back together is a challenge of this project.

Process 1 human figure

I have made a brick like shape with the clay. One of the things that are different of this project than the others is that we are using white clay for this project other than tobacco. As this is my first human sculpture project, the progress that I will be making is going to be very slow. This class, I have made the head and the shoulder blades of the figure. I have also started shaping the legs.

Introduction human figure

I am starting the human figure project. And before I start this project, there is a few things that I have to note in my mind. An average human body will fit 8 heads, his arms will come until his thighs and his legs are as long as his body and head. The first steps of this project is to shape a brick like shape with clay, then to make the head and the shoulder blades and to move on from there.