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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Analysis Expressive Human Figure

The main goal of this expressive human figure project was to incorporate techniques learned from the past human figure project and to sculpt a human figure that expresses a emotion or a happening. I personally chose to express war, and what a human being can do to another human. In other words, that dark side of a human being. I wanted to make a human figure with a side of it with no limbs or arms and another side with a wing to represent its death and grievance. The figure would be lying down in a disfigured motion to also express sadness in the project. As I have learned so many lessons from my first human figure project, it felt like that this project's process was much more easier than the first one because I actually managed to finish this project in only two lessons without any problems and I was also able to easily put my plans to action. There were not many struggles that I encountered while finishing this project but one of them was that I had to try to find the best pose to express my thoughts fully. Such as when I was first making the project, I decided to stick the wing of the figure beneath the arm of the sculpture. But, I realized that this pose would limit me from expressing death with the wing. So I sort of put the wing of the figure right on top of it's arm for it to be more visible. There are many things that I learned from this project. I learned that you can easily express a feeling with a human figure by shaping the body in a certain way. Also that even the tiniest things can make a difference in the whole concept of the project, such as the placement of certain parts of the body or the texture of certain things. The most important thing that I learned from this project is that a sculpture is able to express more than just plain words. I learned this after I finished the project. I realized that war and sadness is not the only things that were expressed in this project, I also figured that there were some other emotions that were included in this project that I was unaware of such as tiredness and stress. I think that from me being so annoyed during the times while I was making the project, I unintentionally might have done somethings in the project that I didn't really plan on doing an example of this is when I made the hands of the sculpture look like as if the person in the sculpture was trying hard to push himself to his feet even if he knew that there was no hope left. In conclusion, I am generally pleased with my results in this project because I think that I was able to fully use the techniques that I learned in the past project.

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