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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Human Figure Analysis

The criteria for this project was to get to know how to sculpt a human figure with the right proportions and the right methods. Things such as a human body should be the length of 8 heads. Or that a person's arms should come down to their thighs, also that their legs should be the length of their upper body and head combined. I think that I managed to meet these criterias, because I managed to learn about sculpting the human body. I will be honest with you, this project was not one of my best projects because I had to waste so much time gluing things back together such as the legs. I think that the problem with the legs were that where I was attaching them were too dry for the newly made legs. Therefore, when the project was in the process of being kept inside a plastic bag, the legs kept cracking up because, the clay was not completely attached because of the difference in dryness. Moreover, one other thing that I think that I did wrong was that when I first started the project, I think that I made the shoulder blades of the sculpture too big and kind of made him look like a body builder. Of course I could fix that mistake later on the project when I was making the arms of the sculpture, but I picked up a few things from that mistake. One of which is that when you are making the upper body you should plan ahead for the project as a whole because it might facilitate you when you are basing your proportions on your upper body, as it contains the head. I think that this project was a really good way to learn the basics of building a human body our of clay and to learn about the basic proportions and features of the human body. There are a lot of things that I want to change about this project if I had the chance to. Firstly, I would make the legs of the sculpture a bit thinner because I think that the calf of the sculpture is too big compared to its thighs. Secondly, I would also try to define the muscles of the body more, because I was so busy gluing parts together to the body I did not have enough time to define the details of the human body such as the pectoral muscles and the spine. Lastly, I would try to choose another pose for the sculpture because I think that I was not able to fully incorporate the Michael Jordan pose to my project. As it was such a complex and an in-movement  pose I think that I was a little too ambitious to choose this pose for my first project before I have fully mastered he techniques and the proportions of the human body. I also think that the pose was one of the major things that might be keeping this project from looking as good as the other ones. Overall, I think that this project was one of the ones that was a good learning experience but not a good looker.

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