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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Is democracy better suited for some countries?

Montesquieu once said that a democracy might not always be the best form of government for some regions of the world. I strongly agree with his statement because a democracy can be rather hard to run if the general population is uneducated and are easily manipulable. Uneducated and unprivileged people are rather easy to manipulate and if this is the case in a country, a democracy wouldn't really be effective because a political figure might abuse his power and still make the population believe in his lies. Therefore, a democracy in a country like this will not last long and will be soon replaced with a government in which only seeks out for the benefits of themselves. Moreover, in some cultures people do not value the opinion of every individual but the opinion of a leader, and if their belief systems are built up this way, the people are not going to be aware of the fundamentals of voting. Resulting into an ineffective government. The best case scenario for a situation like this is to hope for a good leader who would look into the well-being of the population rather than his own self interest.

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