Rat rod vs Lambor

Friday, April 15, 2016

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1. I input the winning team's score on L1 and the losing team's score on L2 and the Superbowl number on L3.

The mean of the winning team is 30 points and the average score of the losing team is 16.
The median of the loser's score is 17
and the first quartile is 10 and the third quartile is 21
the minimum value is 3
and the maximum value is 31

first quartile 23
third quartile 35
Min: 16

Med: 30.5

Max: 55

std for the winners is 9.5
std for the losers is 6.7

this means that the loser's plot points are less spread out than the winner's

There is no correlation between the scores. As the R value is 0.15 there is no correlation at all.

The r value if this linear equation is 0.15 which means that there is no correlation between the plotted points. But according to the equation 1.2+27= 28.2 therefore it is 28

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